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Aluminum Industries

Aluminum Alloys In Racing. Aluminum has been transformative for too many industries to name, but one that people don't often consider is automobile racing. Nowadays, though, it's a hugely important material that is used in countless applications across the globe.

Circle Annealing Oven:

It is a type of industrial oven, used for annealing aluminum circle.

Key Features Of Aluminum Circle Annealing Oven

  • Uniform heating.

  • Trolley system for easy loading/unloading of the Circle in to the oven.

Aluminum Extraction System:

Aluminum Extraction Systems From Dross is a machine used for Extracting Aluminum From Hot Dross.

It is an Instant process of extracting aluminum from the dross from an ongoing melting process.

Aluminum Extraction Systems From Dross is widely used in aluminum utensils manufactures.

Key Features of Aluminum Extraction Systems From Dross

1) 60% - 75% Recovery.

2) Hardly Takes 4 minutes.

3) Low maintenance.

4) Compact in size.

5) No additional heating required.

6) Non-stick durable SS crucible.

Utensil dryers:

This is a conveyor type Aluminum Drying Oven.

Key Features

1)Better Finishing

2)Less Time Consumption

3)More Production

4)Reduced Inventory Management

Powder Coating Oven:

It is a type of industrial oven which is used for curing of powder coating freshly done on the oven. During the curing process (in the oven) a chemical cross-linking reaction is triggered at the curing temperature and it is this chemical reaction which gives the powder coating many of its desirable properties.

Paint Baking Oven:

It is a type of industrial oven which is used for

Paint Baking also referred to as Dryers or Paint Curing Ovens or Paint Drying Ovens removes the moisture from water-based coatings and adhesives. Paint Drying Ovens are also removes water from the surface or interior of products with the help of thermostatic controls in case of electrical heating and temperature controllers operating solenoid valves in case of steam, gas and oil heating. A Paint Drying Oven dries the paint through the heated air that is re circulated in the Oven. This is generally done by having a heating chamber where air is heated and the heated air is circulated inside the Paint Drying Oven chambers by means of fans.

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