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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is advance heating systems?
    Advance heating systems is a leading manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial Heat-Treatment Furnaces, Annealing Furnace, Gas Fired Furnaces, Gas Fired Ovens, Heat Treatment Furnace, Industrial Ovens, Non Ferrous Melting Furnace., and Oven for Sheet Metal Printing, Temperature Furnace Controller, Furnace Blower, etc. These body of these industrial products is manufactured with quality tested raw materials and cutting edge technologies. Where is advance heating systems? Office: 207, Vandaman Complex 8, Facilty Center, Mayapuri, Phase-II, Mayapuri Industrial Area Phase II, Mayapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110064, India (Find Us on Maps) Works: Khasra No. 55/1 Hastsal Industrial Area, Pocket D, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi 110059, India
  • Which countries do you serve?
    We can serve anywhere in the world. Our clientele is not limited to India, we have served overseas countries also. Our international markets are: Nepal Bangladesh Export in Middle East Countries Russia South Africa Ivory Coast Sri lank
  • Do you have ready to ship stocks?
    No, all our products are custom made as per the requirement of our customer. Shipping time varies 30 days to 120 days. ETS will be shared with you at the time of Purchase Acceptance.
  • What replacement parts should I have on hand?
    The decision whether to stock replacement parts is based on how critical the equipment operation is to production. If equipment is critical and a few days to a week of down time would not be acceptable, we would suggest stocking heating elements, heating element contactors, thermocouple, blower and exhauster (if equipped) motors, V-belts (if equipped), door gasket, fuses, bearings (if equipped), latches and hinges. Most parts are available from our stock. Some parts such as non-standard temperature controllers, SCR power controllers, entire gas burners and special blower, wheels are not stocked. Some of these parts could have long delivery.
  • Why does there seem to be hot air leaks around the doors?
    The ovens are expected to run under a slight positive pressure. It is expected that the area immediately around the doors and at truck track seals will run hotter than the rest of the oven walls. There should be minimal heat leaking around the doors unless the door gaskets have deteriorated or the doors are damaged.
  • My oven or furnace is heating up slowly or not as fast as before, what should I check?"
    Check that the voltage supply agrees with that shown on the equipment nameplate. Lower voltage will result in low heat input for example running a 440 volt Make sure that the exhauster (if installed) and blower are rotating in the correct direction as indicated by arrow on motor mount. Most exhauster and blowers are 3-phase and interchanging any two incoming leads will reverse rotation. Make any change at the incoming power to equipment, not individual motor starters, or some motors end up running in correct rotation and others in wrong rotation. Change in load (larger loads take more time to heat up) or in loading (load blocking air flow will increase heat up time by restricting air flow) Determine if one or more heater fuses in control panel are blown. If so, make sure there is not a short to ground on any of the heater lines and replace fuses. If there is a short to ground it indicates a shorted wire or failed heating element. On gas-fired equipment, check if the gas pressure is correct.
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